Why Timber Frame?

The Benefits of Timber Frame

Timber frame construction is a method of building which typically provides a structural timber frame as the principal means of support. The structural timber frame is usually manufactured off site and delivered to site in a kit form. Once on site the timber frame panels are erected to form the internal structural wall of the building which is then clad or finished with bricks, stone or other suitable materials.

Timber is one of the most sustainable forms of construction available today. A timber frame home is not only super energy efficient, it is also desirable, affordable and brings predictability and greater control to the construction process.

Are you up to speed with the credentials of a timber frame solution?

Unrivalled Build Speed

Whether you are a first timer or a seasoned self-builder, you need the certainty of completing on time and on budget. One of the big advantages of a timber frame system is its predictable build programmes. Computer-aided precision means that timber frame homes can be manufactured off-site to exact specifications. Firm dates are established for deliveries making site planning easier. When the structure arrives on site it is erected in a matter of days, almost regardless of weather conditions. With brick and block work removed from the critical path, the roof covering can be installed quickly to make the structure weather-tight and secure. This means your build is ready to receive the internal first fix trades (such as electrics and plumbing) much sooner. Speeding up the project without compromising on quality is one of the main attractions of an Oakworth timber frame system.

We had a finite time to get the house watertight to protect our polished concrete floor. Choosing an Oakworth timber frame system allowed us to speed up the build without compromising on quality. Cost-predictability was also a big factor and we were delighted that the timber frame came in on target.

Mike and Meg Haver

Top-notch Energy Efficiency

Oakworth create highly efficient, insulated timber frames which reduce heat loss through external walls and roofs. Panels are factory engineered to the highest level of accuracy which delivers outstanding thermal efficiency and air-tightness. As well as meeting, and often significantly exceeding, Building Regulations, a well-sealed and insulated timber frame home has the ability to reduce energy costs for life. So you can put the kettle on and relax in your warm and comfortable home.

We were keen to maximise the efficiency of our build and incorporate green materials. Oakworth’s innovative twin wall system created a void which could be filled with breathable insulation and enabled us to achieve a U-value for the walls and roof of 0.1.

Mike Haver

Environmental excellence

Timber is a renewable and sustainable material. Its harvesting, production and transport are seen to produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions than other construction methods such as concrete and steel.

Oakworth has a solid record of responsible environmental commitment and performance including:

  • Sourcing timber from managed forests (Oakworth holds the PEFC Chain of Custody certification)
  • Protecting air and water quality near our manufacturing site
  • Reducing, reusing, and recycling manufacturing and finished product waste materials
  • Collaborating with others by listening to and acting on constructive ideas to demonstrate our commitment to sustainable, environmentally-friendly construction

Health and safety matters

Timber frames perform well in terms of fire and flood resistance. Wood does burn but in many respects it outperforms steel in terms of the length of time it can be exposed to fire without its structural integrity being compromised. Building regulation requirements for thermal, acoustic and fire performance are all incorporated into the timber frame design.

Manufacturing the insulated timber frame off site reduces accident rates and improves health and safety.

Oakworth achieved the Structural Timber Association STA Gold Standard Site Safe Accreditation in July 2016 which further demonstrates the company’s commitment to effective planning and management of project sites – including addressing the risks of fire during construction. You can find out more about Oakworth’s commitment to fire safety testing in the News section.

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