Super-sustainable family home delivers on all levels

Fact file:

Location: Sheffield

Plot: Derelict country club

Oakworth Group’s involvement: Oakworth engineered and erected the timber frame and provided architectural support. Midland Renewables supplied the energy efficient underfloor heating system.

Home highlights:  The third-floor open plan studio/ office space built below a stunning cantilever hipped roof

Mike and Meg Haver commissioned Oakworth Homes to work alongside their architect to create a super-sustainable five bedroom timber framed home in the Loxley Valley area of Sheffield.

The original plan was to build a 7500sqft home on the 13-acre site. Due to the ground conditions, a piled foundation was required to provide adequate support for the substantial, open and spacious structure. Ensuring sufficient bearing capacity was therefore a priority for Oakworth in the early stages. Working from CAD drawings, the team engineered a frame that optimised the foundation structure.

The clients’ passion for natural materials and their commitment to reducing the environmental impact of the construction and operation of their home were the guiding principles for this project.

“We were keen to maximise the efficiency of our build and incorporate green materials. Oakworth’s Varytherm innovative twin wall system created a void which could be filled with breathable insulation and enabled us to achieve a U-value for the walls and roof of 0.1,” said Mike.

Achieving a high quality build was essential to the success of this project. A visit to Oakworth’s timber engineering factory to see the frame being manufactured to the required standard reaffirmed Mr Haver’s view that the Oakworth team are “experts in timber frame.”

The company’s commitment to customer care, a highly efficient offsite manufacturing operation, a reliable supply chain and effective logistics/delivery team ensured that materials arrived on site and were installed in a timely fashion.

“We had a finite time to get the house watertight to protect our polished concrete floor. Choosing an Oakworth timber frame system allowed us to speed up the build without compromising on quality. Cost-predictably was also a big factor and we were delighted that the timber frame came in on target,” said Mike.

Whilst keeping the project on budget was a key factor, the Havers were not prepared to compromise on quality.  They visited the factory to see the frame take shape:

“I could see the quality of manufacture. The Oakworth team really know timber frame – they are experts in this field and it shows,” said Mike.

Living on site throughout the build the couple have enjoyed seeing their stunning home come together and can appreciate the exacting standards of an Oakworth Timber Frame.

“Thanks to timber technology the windows are all in the line, which enhances the aesthetic impact. We also have laminated beams around the veranda which were purpose made in Oakworth’s factory and slotted together so easily. The attention to detail is excellent.”

And with the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) confirming an Energy Efficiency Rating of 99 (band A) this home looks set to provide the family with a top-notch quality of life for many years to come.

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